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About Us

Connolly Audio LLC, owned and operated by Mark Connolly, has been in business for over 20 years. Mark Connolly's passion for audio video began as a youthful hobby of building speaker systems and car audio systems. After college, he began Connolly Audio in Park Ridge, IL. In 1996, he relocated primary operations to Scottsdale, AZ.

Connolly Audio has made its mark on the high end customized home integration market, with its outstanding customer service and ability to personalize each job to the client.

Over the years, Connolly Audio has brought whole home automation to many prominent homes in Arizona, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Connolly Audio can integrate and automate all types of electronic devices including, but not limited to: audio, video, lighting, and security. Over the decades technology has changed, and Connolly Audio follows these trends closely in order to bring the latest available options and upgrades to their customers.

They pride themselves on attention to detail, quality products and superior technical know-how. They want their customers to enjoy the process from inception through years of technical ease of operation, utilizing life enhancing technology. They support their customers long after the initial job is completed. When a piece of equipment requires a firmware update, or a new device needs to be added to the system controller, they can provide these continuing services and more.

They appreciate their customers and go above and beyond to work with them, which is rewarded with customer loyalty. The majority of their business is repeat customers and referrals. That loyalty is never taken for granted. With each new opportunity, with an established or new customer, they maintain the highest level of excellence.

Please contact us for a no-obliagation consultation to see how we can help you with your home automation and/or integrated entertainment project.